Classic Texas Lazy Susan

Price: $229.95

Classic Texas Lazy Susan by Wild Timber Designs.

This beautiful & utilitarian Lazy Susan is handcrafted from

select mesquite wood. The grain and knotted wood present

a one of a kind artwork you can trust is yours and yours alone.

From the Panhandle to Brownsville: 25" and from El Paso to

the Piney Woods of East Texas: 27". The carved piece is 3/4"

in thickness and sits atop a sturdy rolling base. Item: #608824


Also available is a round Mesquite Lazy Susan which features

turquoise inlays spread across the top. Diameter is roughly 21"

and these designs are 3/4" thick and rest upon a sturdy, rolling


With the impact of the turquoise and the wood grain, your choice

will be unique and one of a kind. Both these configurations are

created by master craftsman Silvio Menendez.

Item: #608261 Retail: $189.95