Chrissie Forbes

I live in Austin, Texas, where I have become a passionate oil painter. I retired in 2004 after teaching for 30 years in Oregon. Then the fun began!

My work is inspired by Van Gogh and my mentor Sarkis Antikajian. I hope to express a freedom in my work that lets my paintings pop with color and life. I see every day as an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and celebrate the wonder and opportunities that cross my path.

Painting and creating found object robot art have become my new jobs and I'm delighted to have the time to pursue them. Life feels just too short to master the secrets of my canvas... but sure worth the effort. I have been very fortunate to be able to travel widely since retirement. Our trips are usually followed by many paintings of the places my husband and I have visited.

The wildflowers, skies and wildlife of Texas have captivated me and have been an endless source of inspiration. The clouds can be so intense and colorful. The lowers eye-popping, and the longhorns mesmerizing.