Fine Furnishings, Bronze Statues, Unique Art, Antiques and Reproductions are treasures to behold at The Treasury

In a class all its own, The Treasury provides its clients with a myriad of artwork provided by locally and internationally renowned artisans. With treasures such as Remington reproductions or hand-carved Onyx sculptures complemented by Turkish & Oriental Rugs, the choices are, indeed, breathtaking. 

Whether you’re looking for a console, armoire or dresser, our distinctive product lines are sure to make a lasting impression. Our western collection features solid, intricate leather furniture, horned chairs and tables, and Western Art reflecting the rustic heritage of cowboys, horses, and longhorns. Complete your pioneer haven by adding bluebonnet landscape paintings

If rustic isn’t your thing, no worries. You can peruse our alluring Modern & Contemporary Art. Add eclectic charm to your home with New Age furniture, abstract art pieces and custom designed decor for your home, ranch or hideaway.

No matter what your style, The Treasury is sure to please. With our full line of fine furnishings, bronze statues, art and home décor, you can’t go wrong. To learn more about our artisans and their work, click on an artist’s name listed to the right.